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Posted by in Cooking on Jun 08, 2014 .

(Article reblogged of Crown Verity Inc.)


Daylight Savings Time brings with it a promise of warmer weather, longer days and the urge to grill. With  summer around the corner, family barbecues, tailgates and office bbqs will be on the calendar and that means plans to bbq//grill ready for the season. ARe you and your grill ready for BBQ season? Here's a quick run down to ensure you're cooking with gas! (or propane, or charcoal)

SAFETY? Check!

Let's start with safety first. If you have propane grill the first thing to do is remove the propane tank. Inspect it for any wear or damage. If it does not need replacing, clean it...

Posted by in Cooking on May 28, 2014 .

(Article reblogged from Crown Verity Inc.)


You can work magic with your grill by just using a little imagination. The list of what you can't grill on your barbecue is far smaller than the list of what you can grill. Here are just 10 of many non-traditional grilling ideas for you.

Cheese. Yup cheese. Thick glorious slices of provolone cheese will get gooey delicious over the heat of your grill. Lightly oil the cheese and grill it over medium-high heat. serve with some crust grilled bread and some fruit and you've got a party for your mouth!

And while we are on the subject of cheese. A favourite of young and old alike is...

Posted by in News, Product Releases on May 13, 2013 .



Purchase any custom themed fire pit listed below and pay the same price as one of our 4 standard theme options.  Sale applys to the following:   Model FRHX-1030-CUS Model FRHX-1036-CUS Model FPSQ-4000-CUS Model FPHX-6000-CUS


Posted by in News on May 12, 2013 .



Please join us in celebrating our website's Grand Opening on May 12th, 2013! Take a look and let us know what you think!


Everlasting Decors was born in the fall of 2010. Since then our family has been working exceptionally hard to innovate, develop and gather the best products to offer our customers.   Bookmark our page as we will be unveiling more of our ever expanding indoor and outdoor wrought iron furniture and decor in the weeks to come. 

Now, we are proud to introduce our exclusive outdoor collection of heavy duty wrought iron fire pits and rings that can be enjoyed all 4...

The first step to enjoying Everlasting Decors outdoor wood burning products is keeping yourself and everyone around you safe.  Although there are many gas-based heating options for the outdoors, wood burning fire pit have remained extremely popular.  To be honest, in our family, nothing can replace the enjoyment of sitting around the warmth and glow of a live crackling fire with your kids roasting marshmallows, spider dogs or octopus wieners. 

When using any wood burning fire pit or ring, make sure you do this in the safest way possible. There are many helpful sites on the web that detail how to prepare your fire pit site for safe...

Posted by in Product Fact Sheets on May 02, 2013 .

Green Earth supplies a wonderful fact sheet about the ceramic fire pots and fire gels.  I have included their fact sheet below to answer any questions you may have.




Each Green Earth Fire Pot is handcrafted ensuring that no two are identical.  Multi-colour glaze combinations give a unique finish of varying shades from top to bottom on every pot!  Specially designed for optimal performance, the fuel reservoir is suspended within the pot allowing for airflow; this minimizes heat transfer from the buring can of gel fuel to the pot itself.  The base of the pot remains cool to the touch...

Posted by in Product Fact Sheets on Apr 15, 2013 .

100 Years and Still Cooking!

Two cast iron frying pans were staples in my parent's kitchen growing up as a child.  My dad's favourite one was a huge 16-18" pan that he used for making up one of our favourite meals of pan fried spaghetti noodles with tiny pieces of salami using butter to crisp up the spaghetti just right.  Cleaning these pans were a dream since we just wiped everything away with a paper towel after the pan cooled down making it ready for the next delicious meal.  

As an adult, I have carried on the tradition of cast iron cooking and have passed on the appreciation of this fantastic cookware to both my sons....

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