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Everlasting Decors

Everlasting Decors

Everlasting Decors Lifetime Warranty Terms & Conditions



This warranty covers products manufactured by Everlasting Decors and applies to the structural integrity and durability of the wrought iron and welds under normal use, and applies only to the original purchaser providing that:

  • The indoor/outdoor wrought iron furniture and/or decor product has not been accidentally or intentionally damaged, altered or misused;
  • The indoor/outdoor wrought iron furniture and/or decor product is properly installed, adjusted, operated and maintained in accordance with National and local codes, and in accordance with the installation instructions provided with the product;


Each item made by Everlasting Decors is 100% Canadian artisan crafted with meticulous care and serves as a fully functional piece of art and is proudly backed by our Lifetime Warranty.  The Warranty assures you that your investment will last for generations to come.  
Given the hand-crafted and hand-finished nature, variations in the wood or metal work are to be expected and celebrated.  Our reclaimed timbers and planks bear the nicks, nail holes and imperfections acquired over decades of service before being reclaimed from our historic Ontario homes and barns.  By their nature, unsealed salvaged wood planks may be somewhat uneven, cracks may be present and may cup or bow slightly over time further enhancing their rustic charm.  

No warranty is offered on paint or finishes for indoor / outdoor decor products.  Imperfections in our wood timbers and planks are also not considered warranty due to their nature described above and their origin.  Altering any product or using the product in any way other than the intended use will void the manufacturer's warranty.


This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and all other obligations or liabilities on the manufacturer’s part. Everlasting Decors shall in no event be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, or in any event for damages in excess of the purchase price of the unit. The repair or replacement of proven defective parts shall constitute a fulfillment of all obligations under the terms of this warranty.

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