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Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Cast Iron cookware is the oldest family owned cookware manufacturer in the United States and the sole producer of cast iron cookware in the USA. As the world entered a new century, Lodge reinvented the cookware world with Foundry Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware.


Lodge Cast Iron's seasoning process won a 2003 Good Housekeeping “Good Buy Award,” leading to a world wide renaissance in Cast Iron Cooking.  By spraying vegetable oil onto the cookware and then baking it on at high temperatures, Lodge created a natural, easy-release cooking surface for everything from Skillets, to Grill Pans, Camp Dutch Ovens to their Restaurant quality serving pieces.  To view Lodge Cast Iron's manufacturing process click on this video link.


Today, Lodge Camp Dutch Ovens have proven themselves with outdoorsmen and patio pioneers world-wide...with the lingering aroma of food simmering and meals served to family and friends creating lasting memories.



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